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Map of Kenya in East Africa  

The Republic of Kenya lies along the equator on the east coast of Africa.  It is bordered by 5 countries; Somalia to the northeast, Ethiopia to the north, Sudan and Uganda to the northwest, and Tanzania to the southwest.  It is also bordered by Lake Victoria to the west and the Indian Ocean to the southeast.

The capital city is Nairobi.  Kenya's area is 580,000 sq km with a population of nearly 39 million.  The country is named after Mount Kenya, a significant landmark and second among Africa's highest mountain peaks.

Location map of Kenya in Africa
Kenya has over 65 wildlife reserves, containing thousands of animal species.  The Big Five is the main attraction for many who visit Kenya elephants, buffalo, leopards, rhinos and lions.  Of course, there are many others to see, cheetahs, hippos, giraffe, gazelle etc


The Kenyan flag became official, when Kenya gained independence from Britain on the 12th December 1963.  It was based on the flag of the Kenya African National Union.  Black is for the people, red for humanity and the struggle for freedom, green for the fertile land, and white for unity and peace.  The shield and spears are traditional weapons of the Masai people.

(Kenyan flag outline for colouring in)

  National flag of Kenya
Kenyan Coat of Arms; Motto Harambee meaning let us pull together  

The Motto on Kenya's Coat of Arms is "Harambee", a Swahili word meaning "let us pull together".


Kenya has more than 40 different ethnic groups; Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, other African 15%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 1%.


Most Kenyans are bilingual in English and Swahili (the official languages), and also speak the mother tongue of their ethnic tribe.  Kenya's population has rapidly increased over the past several decades, and consequently it is relatively young.  Some 73% of Kenyans are under 30.

Kenya has low plains along the coast which rise to central highlands.  The Great Rift Valley runs through the highlands and is a fertile plateau in the east.  The highest mountain in is Mount Kenya.  From Kenya you can see Mount Kilimanjaro (highest mountain in Africa) across the border in Tanzania.

Kenya has a tropical climate.  It is hot and humid at the coast, temperate inland and very dry in the north and northeast parts of the country.  There is a lot of rain between March and May (the long rains) and moderate rain in October and November (the short rains).

Tea, coffee, sisal, pyrethrum, corn, and wheat are grown in the fertile highlands, one of the most successful agricultural production regions in Africa.  Livestock predominates in the semi-arid savannah to the north and east.  Coconuts, pineapples, cashew nuts, cotton, sugarcane, sisal, and corn are grown in the lower-lying areas.  Kenya is a major exporter of flowers (see fairtrade producers), tea (3rd largest exporter in world) and coffee.

Kenya's main source of income is tourism.  Many people visit Kenya to see the wildlife and to go on safari.  The word "safari" means journey in Swahili.


One of the most famous parks is the Masai Mara National Park which continues as the Serengeti National Park game reserve in Tanzania.  The park is named after the Maasai people (the traditional inhabitants of the area).  It is famous for its exceptional population of Big Cats, game, and the annual migration of zebra, Thomson's gazelle and wildebeest from the Serengeti every year from July to October, a migration so immense it is called the Great Migration.


Famous Kenyans:

Paul Kibii Tergat (born June 17, 1969) is a Kenyan professional long distance runner.  He held the world record in the marathon from 2003 to 2007, with a time of 2:04:55, and is regarded as one of the most accomplished long-distance runners of all time.

Wangari Maathai is an environmentalist activist who became the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.


  Mount Kenya the second highest mountain in Africa

Farmer in Kenya taking his sugarcane crop to market

Giraffe in one of the numerous parks and reserves in Kenya

The Maasai tribe live in both Kenya and Tanzania

Zebras migrate through the Serengeti Plain and Masai Mara

Flamingo's at Lake Nakuru in Kenya


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Story book Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne  

Handa's Surprise and Handa's Hen are by Eileen Browne and are about a young Kenyan girl.  There are numerous resources available for Handa's Surprise on the internet.

Role play masks

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  Story book Handa's Hen by Eileen Browne
We All Went on Safari, A Counting Journey through Tanzania by Laurie Krebs and Julia Cairns   We All Went On Safari, A Counting Journey through Tanzania by Laurie Krebs and Julia Cairns.  Learn to count in Swahili and discover all kinds of African animals.   Maasai performers at Blair Drummond Safari Park, Stirling, Scotland
Mama Panya's Pancakes, A village tale from Kenya by Mary and Richard Chamberlin  

Mama Panya's Pancakes, A village tale from Kenya by Mary and Richard Chamberlin, illustrated by Julia Cairns

This is a charming story about the rewards of friendship and the joy of sharing

    Group of Maasai performers at Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, Scotland.  The Maasai men do a high jumping dance, the highest jumpers get the girl!